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My name is Amanda Ranalli, and I am a Licensed Psychotherapist.  I have experience in multiple styles of therapy, which means I can adapt my style to your specific needs for therapy.  I believe in working with you as a partner on your journey to healing.

What can I help you with today?

I feel in today's world that most people are struggling with anxiety.  I feel anxiety is my specialty.  I can help you with managing your anxiety.  I teach mindfulness, as well as other techniques, that can help quite your anxious thoughts.  


A lot of us struggle with self esteem.  I can help with looking within yourself to help you learn how to feel stronger and more confident about yourself.  I will also work with you to learn ways to challenge your negative self talk. 


Depression is something I know a lot of people struggle to understand.  It can come out of nowhere, and it is just a feeling you cannot shake.  It can help to talk about what you are experiencing and learn techniques to work through the depression.


Relationships are complicated!  Whether it is your spouse, your parent or your child, when we have issues with our loved ones it can take a toll on our mental health.  I can help you process what you are experiencing and work with you to focus on what you can control and manage during your relationship issues.

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